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19 min.
Experimental horror.
Starring Ronny Carlsson, Amelie Malmberg & Kim Mattsson.
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After watching a series of notorious shock films, our lead falls into the life of murder and mayhem. Slowly but surely his mind is in a world of his own as he keeps a girl in his bathroom to torture.

* Made under Freakface Pictures, which was later changed to Film Bizarro Productions.
* Part of the Video Trilogy. Followed by MY MONSTER and REGISSÖREN.

* The first attempt at serious filmmaking by Ronny Carlsson.
* The idea for the movie came when Toetag Inc announced they wanted fan submissions for their (still to be released) AUGUST UNDERGROUND Trilogy Boxset. VIDEO GEISTESKRANK was made as tribute to August Underground.
* Though a tribute to AUGUST UNDERGROUND, the style was inspired by magGot Films (in particular their films A TRIBUTE TO SANITY and I NEVER LEFT THE WHITE ROOM)