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70 min.
Experimental mockumentary/anthology/autobiographical/horror.
Starring Ronny Carlsson, Amelie Malmberg, Frida Stigevik, Jenny Lindkvist, Emil Löfling, Sara Stenberg.
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A director falls into insanity because of the films he is making, and we follow his attempt at making his last film, an anthology of surreal films.

* Last part of the Video Trilogy. Follows VIDEO GEISTESKRANK and MY MONSTER.
* While trying to make a movie to finish the Video Trilogy, an unofficial Video Trilogy-like trio was made purely by accident (WRITER'S BLOCK, SCARS ON THE MECHANICAL WITNESS and the music video for FEEDING FINGERS' DETACH ME FROM MY HEAD). REGISSÖREN was finally made as a way to clear out the remaining ideas for the trilogy.
* The first film by Ronny Carlsson to be inspired by his own life. Some of the things included are directly based on experiences in trying to make movies.

* Originally titled FIRST FEATURE as it was made while trying to make the first feature (DUST BOX). Ironically this became the first feature. The title changed to REGISSÖREN (THE DIRECTOR) as it seemed to fit the story more.