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"Creature 2013 is his best yet..."
- Brutal As Hell

"It turns out that Carlsson and Melin are doing something pretty special (of late): They're actually redefining genre film. [9/10]"
- The Conduit Speaks

"Like a dream, Creature 2013 will only really have meaning to the dreamer, an expression waiting to be made to ears and eyes not expected to understand it with proper gravity—but it, at least for me, made the cinematic transcendence of becoming my dream, my thing to tell, my thing to interpret and relate with no party else able to but guess at if what I think it means is what it truly does."
- Battle Royale with Cheese

"The gory finale admittedly seemed a bit out of place amid an otherwise resolutely suggestive and atmospheric canvas, yet the blood-and-slime filled final scenes succeed in finishing things off in memorable fashion; it’s actually refreshing to see a horror-art film that doesn’t end in open-ended and/or inconclusive fashion."
- Fright

"It is an exploration in emotion, sensory stimulation and expectational provocation."
- A Southern Life in Scandalous Times

"I predict the film maker will join the ranks of the latest group of accomplished "newer generation" horror directors."
- Theater of Guts

"Twisted brilliance."
- A Bucket of Corn

" intriguing movie for people that enjoy compact surreal horror movies like Tsukamoto's Haze."
- The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

"The ending had me a little queasy, but overall the film is pretty outstanding."
- Trevor Juenger, director of Coyote.

"The editing is also done by the Writer-Director Ronny Carlsson and emphasizes the bad feelings we feel when watching the woman descent into darkness. He did a marvelous job here."
- Flick Fanatic

"I recommend Creature 2013 to those of you that enjoy a dark, foreign horror. I wish more American writers would take cues from writers like Ronny Carlsson and Daniela Melin."
- Cinesploitation

"It's absolutely brilliant! Great mood, very powerful framing and sound design."
- Aryan Kaganof, director of Ten Monologues From the Lives of the Serial Killers and Tokyo Elegy.




"It’s visceral quicksand, sucking you down so slowly and gracefully, you won’t even notice the danger until it’s filling your lungs and flooding your mouth with darkness."
- Brutal As Hell

"...a pretty heartening exercise in how to pull emotion from your audience visually."
- The Conduit Speaks

"I’m envious of Ronny as it seems so very easy for him to create suspense."
- Flick Fanatic




"Dark, secret, foetid and shameful."
- Brutal As Hell

"...[Ronny] is on his way to being one of this generation’s finest subversive artists in the arena of underground filmmaking."
- Horror Society

", creative and very unique."
- Wicked Channel

"...the film’s nightmarish aura is undeniable, and evoked with enormous skill."
- Fright

Flick Fanatic




"This one can go from random footage of a distracting squirrel, to a bath full of blood, some necrophilia, a hilariously bizarre and splattery Cronenbergesque short about breast cancer awareness, to Ronny discussing film-making with a friend."
- The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

"Or maybe it's exactly this way you should experience the movie, in the sign of confusion?"
- De Aderton

"There’s one sequence with an interview of sorts which is a highlight of the film. It’s so funny! They sit and talk about how to make and how to not make films."
- Flick Fanatic

"Naked Lunch saw this movie and said: “What the FUCK was THAT?”"
- Brutal As Hell

"Regissören is an effective conclusion to the “Video Trilogy” and is one of Ronny’s most visually striking and thought provoking pieces yet."
- Horror Society




"Filmed in black and white, it’s overexposed to the point of nearly being a negative print, an effect that makes an already disturbing tale all the more disturbing."
- Brutal As Hell

"If you happen to like a lot of sex and gore in your films, this may also be something to check-out to quench your thirst for some solid independent horror."
- Cinema Head Cheese

"I’ve now watched it 6 times. Each time I find new little things that make it a little different in my eyes."
- MagGot Films' The Larval Lounge

"There is no shortage of atmosphere in this film."
- 10,000 Bullets

"...this is a stylish, creepy half hour mood piece mixing bleached-out photography, nudity, blood, and melancholy."
- Mondo Digital

"And yes, the nudity and gore are extremely graphically portrayed, so if you’re squeamish steer clear!"
- Fright

"This isn't one of those little "teens-in-the-woods-with-a-digicam" indie films, it's a thought out labor of love for people who enjoy the films weirdos like us review."
- Sins of Cinema

" extremely visually beautiful film!"
- Flick Fanatic

"I am proud for Ronny that he has achieved a very high level with this movie."
- Film Bizarro (Guest reviewer, so don't worry - we don't review our own movies!)

"What happened to her becomes obvious within a few minutes, but the film is about the atmosphere and the crisp, beautiful, B&W high-contrast cinematography of the girl in the forest which starts like a meditative nature documentary and ends with symbolic gore."
- The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre




"Those with a taste for the bizarre and subversive will find much to like in My Monster."
- Gothic News

"...creating a celluloid and grainy TV world of sick, Videodrome-esque mind-reality permanently damaged by movies."
- Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

"There are some brilliant scenes in My Monster that I think Ronny Carlsson is very alone with doing..."
- De Aderton

"A surreal head trip..."
- Michael Todd Schneider, Maggot Films

"Holy shit is this movie ever a mind fuck!"
- Running With Scissors





Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

"...creative imagery with dazzling camera effects, bizarre sounds, and intense music."
- Gothic News

"...this is more interesting than it´s more known inspirational sources!"
- Flick Fanatic

"Ronny knows how you play with the audience in a very blunt and psychological way."
- De Aderton

“Video Geisteskrank is amateur shot but does use some interesting compositional framing through out."
- Horror News

"Ronny Carlsson's short, Video Geisteskrank, which I believe translates to "Video Deranged" is perhaps one of the most lurid, brutal and unsettling shorts I have ever seen. The movie, silent and shot in black and white using mostly available light has a snuff/neo-mondo feel to it."
- Pericles Lewnes, director of Redneck Zombies and LOOP

"Video Geisteskrank is an extremely gruesome movie..."
- Running With Scissors

"#83 - Video Geisteskrank"
- Running With Scissors' Top 100 Most Violent Movies
(note: at the time of the quoting)